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2022. We opened our doors to you!

When we opened our doors, our number one goal was to create a space where everyone in our community would feel welcome. We created Blondie and Ginger salon to bring Red Deer a modern salon with a great team, backed with the knowledge and education to create your best hairstyle yet. 



We are thrilled to share some incredible news with all of our valued clients and friends. Blondie & Ginger Salon has embarked on a remarkable journey by teaming up with none other than the industry-leading brand, Redken! This collaboration has transformed us into a cutting-edge concept salon that is all set to revolutionize your hair care experience. As a certified Redken salon, we now offer an extensive range of Redken products that are designed to nurture and transform your hair. From shampoos and conditioners formulated with advanced technologies to styling products that bring out the best in your locks, we've got you covered with Redken's exceptional line-up. Redken, a brand founded by a woman, has built its foundation on the intricate chemistry of hair. At Blondie & Ginger Salon, we are now proud ambassadors of this scientific approach to hair care. Our talented stylists have undergone specialized training and are armed with in-depth knowledge about the composition of your hair, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that cater to your unique hair type, texture, and needs. Experience the magic of Blondie & Ginger Salon's Redken Concept status. We invite you to schedule an appointment and discover the transformative power of hair chemistry. Together, we'll create a look that's uniquely you, backed by the science and innovation that only Redken can provide. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey to hair perfection like never before!

Our Amazing Team


Can you believe in January I have been in this industry for 31 Years!

Corinne is a Redken Color Specialist.

Color Corrections, Blonding and Grey Coverage are all of Corinne’s favorites,

But her absoulute favorite are REDS & COPPERS!

Rockin out some incredible Ladies Short Haircuts giving her clients a little sass gives her the creativity that she thrives for in her career. She also understands the importance of only taking what is needed to come off on her long hair clients so they can keep their beautiful long flowing locks that take years to achieve!

This industry is Corinne’s passion its not a job to her and she is all about Education and keeping up with all the current trends.

On January 4th, 2022 Corinne opened Blondie & Ginger Salon to give stylists a place that they can call home, be creative with a supportive & loving atmosphere where they feel like part of a family, spread their wings and grow in their journeys as Stylists.

Corinne built B&G on the foundation of Education, Trendy Fashion and a Positive, Supportive, Team Based Community.

Stylists Supporting Stylists is her Motto and inspires to teach all stylists to help each other grow and lift one another up.

New York is her favorite place and has travelled there 4+ times just since living in Red Deer and taken Advanced Color and Haircutting Education.

She loves the  buildings, the history, the people, the food but most importantly she loves the shopping. So during the planning process of building B&G she wanted to bring a little New York into the salon, For those of you that have visited or are about to visit that is where her inspiration of the salon came from.


Rebecca has been in the industry 9 years now and with Corinne for 3 years.

Rebecca is Philocally Certified in the new Flip-up Extension Method.

Short hair is definetly one of Rebecca’s strong points, she has amazing skills for both ladies and mens cuts!

Vibrant Colors are also a passion of Rebecca’s so if you are looking for Rainbow hair she’s your girl!

Rebecca was a huge help in the opening of Blondie & Ginger Salon! She worked 2 weeks night and day helping moving, cleaning and painting so we could open! And we are truly blessed to have such a team player working with us! 

Rebecca is a huge help with our Apprentices by helping teach them barbering skills and Ladies Short haircuts, she is extremely patient with them!



Jenna is our little ball of energy, and has been with us since May 2022.

Jenna started with us after coming in and doing a week of  work expeience. During her work expeience, Jenna was AMAZING, she didn’t stop, she even volunteered to work our Grand Opening and was our bartender for our Margarita night. 

She definetly showed us her talent, eagerness to learn, and her passion for this career so it was a given that we brought her in to join our team and we definetly made the right choice!

Jenna loves all aspects of this industry!

You will see her rocking out short funky hair to creating long flowing glamourous waves!

And let’s talk about how good she is with Balayages, Lived-in Colors and Vivid Colors.

Jenna loves going out and creating beautiful hair for photoshoots and weddings on location, Jenna is now our salon Make-up Artist!



3 years in the lash industry

2 years in the hair industry


Danika is our triple threat,, Lashes Tech, Stylist, and an Extensionist

If you are looking for luscious lashes Danika is your girl!  She offers classic, volume, hybrid and mega volume lashes.

And she loves all things to do with color  whether it be a beautiful blonde or bombshell brunette 

Danika wants to customize your perfect  color.

She is also a Philocally Extension Certified

Danika has a sweet soul and is extremely caring.

When Danika isn’t working she has an adventurous side, she goes out dancing, hangs out at the farm, hanging out at the lake and she  loves going to concerts.



1 year in the hair industry, but dont let that fool you this girl has talent!

 Sady – a true maestro when it comes to all things hair color and spray tanning. With an unbridled passion for creating stunning looks and helping individuals embrace their unique styles, Sady has brought her exceptional talent to our salon.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation and rejuvenation? Sady’s love for hair color knows no bounds, and her expertise in the art of blonding and ginger tones is second to none. Whether you’re dreaming of a sun-kissed blonde, a fiery ginger hue, or something wonderfully experimental, Sady has the skill and creativity to turn your vision into reality.

But that’s not all – Sady’s talents extend beyond hair color. As a seasoned professional in the world of spray tanning, she can help you achieve that perfect, sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of skin tones, Sady ensures that each spray tanning session results in a natural and radiant complexion.

When Sady isn’t busy at work, you’ll often find her in the company of her adorable mini-me, Amelia! Sady is not only dedicated to her career but also cherishes her role as a loving mom. Her joy knows no bounds as she witnesses Amelia’s growth and development each day.

This webpage is a glimpse into Sady’s world as she navigates the beautiful journey of motherhood. Join her as she shares her experiences, stories, and insights about the joys and challenges of raising a child. From heartwarming anecdotes to valuable parenting tips, Sady’s corner of the internet is a celebration of the special bond between a mother and her child.



Danielle has been in the industry 10+ years and is extremely passionate

If you are looking for a Custom Colors and all things Haircut related Danielle is your go to! 


Danielle started her hair journey with Corinne the owner of Blondie and Ginger as her apprentice and they are now back together to create magic!

When Danielle isnt at the salon you can find her hanging out with her adorable little guy who is her pride and joy.



1 year in the hair industry, this beauty is extremely passionate in this industry!

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